Razor View Engine firstly executes the _ViewStart and then start rendering the other view and merges them. Filters that are created for each foreign key or Boolean fields. Use TempData when you need data to be available for the next request, only. In the next request, it will be there but will be gone after that.

  • The abstraction component offers functionality to the application’s business domain.
  • Ajax implementation forms an integral part of MVC interview questions.
  • The default parameter value is assigned at the time of parameter creation.
  • Similar to Keep method we have one more method called “Peek” which is used for the same purpose.

In the Web.config file set sessionState to StateServer for shared in-memory storage or SQLServer for shared durable storage. This is a good approach for applications without specific requirements for a URL scheme. This brings us to the end of this article on MVC Interview Questions. Unlike code expressions that are evaluated and sent to the response, it is the blocks of code that are executed.

Q4. What is Razor View Engine? What are the possible file extensions used for razor views?

Each entry in the tree is called a node and is represented by a TreeNode object. A node that contains other nodes is called a parent node. A node that is contained by another node is called a child node. A node that is not contained by any other node but is the ancestor to all the other nodes in the root node. A node can be both a parent and a child, but root, parent, and leaf nodes are mutually exclusive. Several visual and behavioral properties of nodes are determined by whether a node is a root, parent, or leaf node. Caching increases the performance parameter if the same data or information is requested by the user.

It provides a patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns. It gives you full control over markup, supports TDD-friendly development and uses the latest web standards. Following are some selected Interview Questions regarding ASP.NET Core MVC technologies and development. ASP.NET MVC is the most popular and widely used framework for creating web applications among .NET technology. It allows for the easy creation of web applications by utilizing a model-view-controller design pattern.


Requires typecasting for complex data types and checks for null values to avoid an error. This action filter handles errors raised when a controller action executes. Result filters contain logic that is executed before and after a view result is executed. For example, you might want to modify a view result right before the view is rendered to the browser.

asp.net mvc developer interview questions

ASP.NET MVC has always supported the concept of “view engines” that are the pluggable modules that implement various template syntax options. The “default” view engine for mvc programmer ASP.NET MVC uses the same .aspx/.ascx/.master file templates as ASP.NET Web Forms. In this article I go through the Razor View Engine to create a view of an application.



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