A wedding wedding ring is a mark of commitment. Also, it is a symbol of relationship. Traditionally, it can be placed on the fourth finger from the left hand. Nevertheless , there are different cultures that put it on on additional fingers.

The tradition of using wedding rings within the fourth little finger of the left hand extends back to historical Roman circumstances. At that time, Aventure believed the fact that the vein of love, also known as the Vena elitemailorderbrides.com/jolly-romance-review Amoris, produced directly to the heart. They gave the bride a ring as a offer before matrimony.


Today, some modern day couples choose not to wear a ring. Others opt for another solution wedding band. Various cultures do not assume that it is necessary to dress in a ring on the left hand side hand. In a few cultures, girls may even be dressed in family heirlooms to the right palm.

A few Eastern European countries, such as Russian federation, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria, wear a ring on the 4th finger of the right hand. In certain Orthodox and Catholic countries, such as Spain, Belgium and Ukraine, wedding wedding rings are worn on the diamond ring finger http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs369/en/ of the right hand.

Depending on the way of life, the engagement ring finger over the left may be linked to bad luck. Although many cultures prefer that the diamond ring be on the ring little finger, it is still appropriate to wear this on any kind of finger.

Some cultures, such as the Hindus, wear the ring to the third finger of the proper hand. This tradition is normally referred to as the bansur.



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